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Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day is a night to celebrate love for couples. Make sure to plan it out and keep the conversation light by tabling kid or finance troubles, criticisms of each other, etc. for the evening.
Remember that the date you celebrate doesn’t have to be on Valentines day. You’ll get better service on another night anyway.

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Botox & Girl Talk

Date: Monday, August 15th, 2016
Time: 4-7 pm
Location: Dr. Zweibeck, 1653 The Fairway, Suite 216, Jenkintown, PA 19046

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Ghosting, Icing, & Simmering

Are you familiar with ghosting, icing, and simmering? If not, we’re going to look at these terms, why to stop doing them if you’re a culprit, and how to deal with the emotions of having them done to you. Sound good? Great. I’ve actually had a pretty good experience overall with the online dating thing. Follow a few simple rules and you’re golden. But, despite how great some of the people I meet are, I can see why they’re still single. As always, it boils down to the simple adage “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” It’s been quite some time since I’ve done the online dating thing, but figured I’d try it again while I was settled for a bit. Things were going good. At least I thought they were going good. …but then one girl just stopped responding. Normally, a response came within the day… then all of the sudden, nothing. That’s when I found out about three *new* ways to say “I’m not interested” without actually saying “I’m not interested.” I’m sure these things have been around for longer than relationships, but it seems technology makes it easier to pull off – and thus more enticing. Enter ghosting: Ghosting Ghosting is simple. The other party simply becomes a ghost. They stop responding to calls, texts, or online messages. I figure ghosting happens once you’ve already met the other person. If someone just stops responding to your messages within an online dating site and you haven’t met yet. It’s probably one of three things: You’re really not that interesting to them. They’ve led you... read more

First Date Tips for Men

1. Plan the date: Pick a location that is comfortable and conducive to conversation. If you’re uncomfortable with staring at each other across the table, then pick something that is interactive. Mini-golf, hiking, a driving range, art galleries etc. are all great interactive first date ideas. 2. Be on time: Period. 3. Be confident: She already said yes! You are in the gate, so don’t blow it with poor posture and dodgy eye contact, stammering conversations, etc. If you get nervous on dates, there are tools to help you gain confidence. 4. Dress to impress: If you are unsure of what this means talk to some of your guy friends and girlfriends. You can also hire a personal shopper or image consultant. First impressions are everything! 5. Be a gentleman. Chivalry is not dead. Open the door, be polite and complimentary to your date, and show respect to the waitress and others. Even if your date offers, don’t be cheap, PAY. It is the polite thing to do. 6. Good topics of conversation: Interests, hobbies sports, passions, pursuits, favorite travel destinations, what you both like to do on the weekends to relax, etc. Make sure to ask her questions and LISTEN. A conversation goes both ways. Both people should be sharing. 7. Bad topics of conversation: Don’t talk about X’s—EVER. This is a big no, no. You should be focusing on getting to know your date. Leave your intimate stories and emotional baggage at home. Once you get to know each other, it is appropriate to discuss X’s. Additionally, stay away from politics and religion. 8. Flirt: If you... read more

How To Create Attraction with Women

1) Ask questions and LISTEN 2) Ask about her passions, where she loves to travel, hobbies. Get her talking about things that make her happy and smile 3) Be light-hearted and funny. Not too over eager 4) Eye contact is key. Make sure she feels as if she is the only women in the room to you 5) TOUCH: You have to have contact. Whether it’s to lean in to hear something that she is saying, a touch on the shoulder or the forearm, etc. Create sexual tension through close proximity. When you do this, look her in the eye as you come back to “neutral”, you will see it in her eyes if she is receptive and open to kissing you. Also, if you do lean in and she leans away, then she is not ready for a kiss and maybe not “feeling it” overall. In that case, take your time. 6) Compliment her. Women love compliments. Tell her you love her dress, her smile, necklace, etc. If you love her perfume, tell her. She’s taken hours to get ready for your date so acknowledge it. Biggest attraction killers to avoid: 1. Not holding eye contact/poor attention span 2. Too much sexual intent/innuendos 3. Bragging and talking too much 4. Not listening when she talks 5. Bad hygiene 6. Being over eager 7. Not being present and enjoying the moment 8. Risky topics, X-girlfriends, sex &... read more

The Deadliest Dating Style: The Interrogator

Having trouble getting to date number two? Are you unknowingly sabotaging your dates? Do you find yourself doing a lot of the talking on dates—mainly asking questions? Some may suggest that if you’re serious about marriage and children, you should put that on the table. The theory being that you don’t want to waste your time or his; and if your honesty scares him away then he wasn’t the right person for you anyway. Well I’m here to tell you this theory is WRONG. In being “honest” you’re sabotaging the dating process and making the man NOT want to get to know you better. Why’s that? Because you sound needy, desperate and tone-deaf to the normal conventions of first dates; chances are the man wants marriage and a family as well, but talking about it on your first date is not going to give him any clue into what kind of wife or mother you will be. First dates are for getting to know each other and figuring out if you want to see one another again. When you introduce concepts like marriage, kids, religion, politics, money – trying to ensure that the person across from you is a good long-term prospect, you essentially turn from a pleasant, fun, likeable person… into “The Interrogator.” Men don’t like “The Interrogator”. Doesn’t matter if you’re hot, smart, and interesting, if a man gets the sense that you’re testing him for earning, fathering, or husband potential, he’s not going to feel comfortable. Let me give you an example: First: Imagine you had a boyfriend you LOVED. And he told you after 8... read more

First Date Tips for Women

1. Planning the date: Gentleman should take charge of planning the date but, if he asks for ideas, speak freely. Likewise, if he picks a venue that you don’t like, tell him. EXAMPLE: If he plans to take you to a sushi Restaurant and you hate fish, the worst thing that you could do is tell him this once you are seated. If your date asks you what you would like to do, what your favorite restaurants are, etc., “I don’t care, what do you like,” is not an acceptable answer. Have an opinion. Wishy-washy isn’t attractive and can get old really fast. 2. Be on Time: Period. 3. Dress to impress: Men are visual creatures, therefore, first impressions are EVERYTHING. They want to see that you put time into looking good for your date. Your outfit needs to be appropriate for the date venue but should still be flirty, sexy and classy and comfortable. If you are unsure of date worthy outfits, you can hire a personal shopper or image consultant. (I’d be happy to provide references). 4. Be confident!: Dates can be nerve racking, but you don’t want to let this emotion come across. Have good posture, make eye contact, smile, and have fun! TIPS: Make sure that you can breathe in your fantastic flirty outfit and walk in your shoes. Fussy outfits can not only make us nervous, but also take our focus away from the date! Additionally, if you get nervous on dates, there are tools to help you gain confidence. (Once again, I’d be happy to provide you with references). 5. No Cell Phones!:... read more
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