How To Create Attraction with Women

1) Ask questions and LISTEN
2) Ask about her passions, where she loves to travel, hobbies. Get her talking about things that make her happy and smile
3) Be light-hearted and funny. Not too over eager
4) Eye contact is key. Make sure she feels as if she is the only women in the room to you
5) TOUCH: You have to have contact. Whether it’s to lean in to hear something that she is saying, a touch on the shoulder or the forearm, etc. Create sexual tension through close proximity. When you do this, look her in the eye as you come back to “neutral”, you will see it in her eyes if she is receptive and open to kissing you. Also, if you do lean in and she leans away, then she is not ready for a kiss and maybe not “feeling it” overall. In that case, take your time.
6) Compliment her. Women love compliments. Tell her you love her dress, her smile, necklace, etc. If you love her perfume, tell her. She’s taken hours to get ready for your date so acknowledge it.

Biggest attraction killers to avoid:

1. Not holding eye contact/poor attention span
2. Too much sexual intent/innuendos
3. Bragging and talking too much
4. Not listening when she talks
5. Bad hygiene
6. Being over eager
7. Not being present and enjoying the moment
8. Risky topics, X-girlfriends, sex & Politics

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