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Tired of the bar scene or frustrated by online dating services?  Together we’ll eliminate the mystery of finding someone perfect for you!

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If you are single or divorced looking for a serious relationship or marriage, please contact me. I will send you my registration form.  Along with your form, you must submit two high quality, current photos.  Your photos must include only you in the photo and a headshot.  Applications will not be considered if you do not include your photos or if your photos aren’t current or of poor quality.

If I feel that you are a match for one of my clients, I will call you to schedule an appointment.  I do not actively work to find a match for VIP members. I only actively search for matches for my clients. So, as a VIP member, you may not get an introduction or a match. Only matchmaking clients have a guarantee for introductions and matches. All photos and information are kept completely confidential.

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