Dating and relationships aren’t working for you?  A professional’s help can give you that extra touch to get things going.


Date Coaching - I'm confused about dating One on one date coaching with Kristi Price in person, over the phone, Skype and/or email. Whatever your specific needs are she will develop an individual plan to suit your goals. Have you ever heard the saying “we attract the love we feel we deserve”? It’s true. During the date coach process, we will help you:

  • define what you need in a partner
  • discuss what you need in a relationship, core values, non-negotiables and how to screen accordingly to not waste time
  • practice confidence building techniques
  • foster a supportive, enthusiastic attitude around dating and meeting new people
  • learn how to meet great people (potential partners) anywhere – not just online!
  • navigate through the online dating communications and help you organize and respond to people from initial contact to the first date!
  • break old behavioral patterns so that you begin to attract compatible partners
  • heal from past relationships to open your heart to new love

How do I attract a good guy/

If you would like help meeting dates the more traditional way, I will help you learn the art of approaching, connecting and attracting people in daily life situations.

In this program, we will:

  • go out together to meet and greet new people
  • evaluate your current approach and develop new techniques to attract the right person
  • make the process fun and seamless
  • attend singles events
  • master the art of flirting
  • learn how to have a great time meeting others
  • teach you how to get over the fear of rejection


As you know, first impressions are everything! Depending on your needs, we will help you with:

  • the art of conversation and asking the right questions
  • confidence strategies
  • putting together a few great date outfits
  • a personal makeover
  • personal training & nutrition
  • creating a date friendly home & car
  • ideas on how to transition the date into a second date if things are going well.

No obligation. Complimentary consultation.

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