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Personal Space from Bravo TV asks Kristi to comment on a recent Housewives of New Jersey Episode

Personal Space asked Philadelphia-based matchmaker Kristi Price what makes a successful match. What does she look for when setting people up? How does she know who will be compatible? “As a matchmaker, I believe the key to fantastic introductions for long-term relationships is to line people up with similar value systems, relationship goals and lifestyle,”…


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Most high volume holiday breakup months occur during November, December and the beginning of February. Why? There is a lot of pressure from family, gift giving and overall re-evaluation of one’s relationship going into stressful holiday months. A holiday breakup can be so devastating because of the time off and the unavoidable questions surrounding the…


Executive Consultant, Matchmaker, and Dating Coach Kristi D. Price Offers Insights for Experts in the Industry

Kristi Price was featured in an article on By: Hayley Matthews | Posted: December 12, 2018 he Scoop: As an Executive Consultant, Matchmaker, and Dating Coach, Kristi D. Price has seen the dating and relationship industry change over the years. That’s why she shares insights on upcoming trends and changing expectations of matchmakers, including…


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Dating Coach and Matchmaker Kristi D. Price Helps Positive-Minded Singles Find Love

Dating Coach and Matchmaker Kristi D. Price Helps Positive-Minded Singles Find Love. Here’s a short snippit from a feature article did with Kristi. See the full article here. The Short Version: Many Philadelphia-area singles are busy professionals who are tired of connecting with people who aren’t compatible with them – that’s if they’re connecting with anyone…


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Questions Before Marriage

A few questions to ask yourself and your partner BEFORE you marry them. These questions also apply to those who are thinking about getting into a serious long-term relationship with someone. 1. What Are They Like When They’re Mad? 2. Do You Understand Each Other’s ‘Love Language’? Example: words of affirmation, receiving gifts, acts of service,…


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Successful Women Blunder

I hear it all the time “I can’t find a man because I intimidate men.” Believe me, I know this because I used to say it until I realized that all men, including successful, powerful businessmen and Alpha males, can’t be intimidated by me. Was I perhaps making excuses for actually pushing men away? Maybe…