What people are saying:

Bradford M.

“Kristi, I want to thank you again for introducing me to a beautiful, smart, fit, fun, and active woman last year.  You put us together in a fun, low-pressure situation and allowed us to get to know each other a little bit.  That led to a couple of casual daytime meetings, followed by more conventional dates, leading to an exclusive relationship. Because you knew both of us well, you had a pretty good idea that we would like each other. The chemistry part was up to us–and it was definitely there! I would recommend your service highly to anyone who is looking for a real relationship. Thanks again!”

– Bradford M.

Sonjii I

“Kristi recently accompanied me in New York City on visits to high-end hotel lounges and a well-known steakhouse with the goal of meeting men. Kristi was a great instructor, giving me onsite coaching, pointing out times when I missed signals from interested men and demonstrating conversation starters.  She also reminded me of important receptive body language such as keeping shoulders open, making eye contact and smiling. An attractive dress in a flattering color is also a must!  Overall, it was good practice for someone like me who has been single for a long time and with none of the competition that often happens when socializing with girlfriends. Kristi was a great wing woman so-to-speak, identifying men and making sure selected ones focused their attention on me. NYC is a tough dating environment. It can be a very impersonal city as many New Yorkers avoid eye contact. Kristi helped me realize that men in this town do appreciate being acknowledged with a smile and most do respond. We both had a great time. I aimed to exchange phone numbers with a couple of people that evening and I achieved that goal with Kristi’s help. Thank you Kristi!”    -Sonjii I.


“MEN, LISTEN TO HER! I sought out Kristi after meeting with numerous Matchmakers that didn’t cut it for me. I knew a Matchmaker was the best bet for me since I am a rather busy professional that has to travel a lot. Long story short, one of the first things Kristi suggested was that I shave my mustache off. I was apprehensive considering I had a mustache for almost a decade. I shaved it off and felt (and looked) like a new man! Not only was I being matched through Kristi’s database more frequently, but I was also being approached in public more often. Shaving my mustache was the best decision I made, and it only took 10 years and Kristi for that to happen!”


“I’ll admit, I was skeptical about Matchmaking at first; was Kristi going to be bossy? Tell me I need to change everything about myself? Did turning to a Matchmaker mean I was incapable of finding love on my own? It wasn’t until I had gone on a handful of bad online dates that I decided to give her a shot. Kristi was very welcoming and extremely energetic—which I loved! She is a great listener and a patient guide; she seemed to understand my needs and me almost immediately. I was most impressed by Kristi’s database, which is constantly growing. She works with sophisticated, educated, driven, and well rounded individuals.”


Kristi’s encouragement and guidance were extremely helpful as I faced being single for the first time in 25 years. She helped me clarify what I want in a significant other, and helped build my confidence again.”


“Kristi is a true professional. She understands the needs of her clients and is quite intuitive when it comes to the “ideal match”. I have been introduced to women established and respected in their fields who were not only great conversationalists, but also quite fascinating. Kristi follows up the next day with feedback – she definitely takes a keen interest in her clients and their success. Why anyone would use a dating site when they could use Kristi is beyond me.