Professional Photo Shoot

Good professional photos that reveal your natural essence and personality are instrumental when dating. People are visual creatures so fantastic photos in your dating profile are a must. Our photographers will make you feel at ease and you may even enjoy your photo shoot!

Professional Photo Shoots | Kristi D Price Philadelphia Matchmaker

Style and Image Consulting

First impressions are extremely important! We partner with the best image consultants and stylists so that you “Own the room” and will knock your date off their feet with your fantastic first impression!

Style and Image Consultant | Kristi D Price Philadelphia Matchmaker

Closet Makeover/Personal Shopping

We will help you utilize your existing wardrobe to create fantastic date outfits to create a winning style for your dates. If some additional shopping is necessary to create the right look, our personal shoppers will help with this as well.

Closet Makeover Personal Shopping | Kristi D Price Philadelphia Matchmaker

Mock/Practice Dating

Are you having trouble getting to the second date or just haven’t dated in years and need some practice so you don’t blow it with someone you really want to get to know? If so, then let us send you on a mock date and give you post-date feedback so you can step up your game and be a more successful dater.

Mock Practice Dating | Kristi D Price Philadelphia Matchmaker

Wing woman / Wing man

Are you new to town, newly single and/or don’t have friends who have your best interest at heart when it comes to meeting possible partners? We will go out to events, bars, coffee shops, grocery stores, etc. with you as your wing person to meet potential partners. We will evaluate your style, body language, and approach to meeting others as well as facilitate introductions and offer moral support.

Wing Man Dating Help | Kristi D Price Philadelphia Matchmaker