Why Hire a Matchmaker?

ingMost of our clients are busy professionals of all ages who have achieved success in their career. They don’t have the time for online dating and are ready for success in their romantic life as well. Many times they meet people easily but just aren’t meeting the “right” people.

When you hire us, you receive an efficient, personalized, confidential service that maximizes your free time. We introduce you to qualified individuals who meet your criteria and goals. When you meet someone for a date through us, they look their photo and are single. They are also aligned with your values and relationship goals. After each introduction, you will receive constructive, non-judgmental feedback .No more wondering why you didn’t get the second date, if that has happened in the past. Our process helps us coach you better for future dates so you have more success and have fun on your dates.

Our Success Is Based On Your Success

We have achieved a success rate for introducing people who found long-term relationships and or marriage of 92%. We attribute our success to really getting to know each client and the type of person they would like to meet by defining their value systems, hobbies/interests, lifestyle, education, religion, politics, and activity level. Part of the Matchmaking process also includes personality testing to get a feel for each client’s personality style which helps us match them with a person who will complement their personality as well.

Dating can be time consuming and disenchanting. Let us find your perfect match so you can spend your valuable time on the things you love. Are you ready to meet the love of your life? Contact us now!

“Kristi: I want to thank you again for introducing me to a beautiful, smart, fit, fun, and active woman last year. You put us together in a fun, low-pressure situation and allowed us to get to know each other a little bit. That led to a couple of casual daytime meetings, followed by more conventional dates, leading to an exclusive relationship.

Because you knew both of us well, you had a pretty good idea that we would like each other. The chemistry part was up to us–and it was definitely there!

I would recommend your service highly to anyone who is looking for a real relationship. Thanks again!”

R. Bradford M.

Are You Ready To Learn Why Hire A Matchmaker?

Tired of the bar scene or frustrated by online dating services? Find that reason of why hire a Matchmaker and then make the call. Together we’ll eliminate the mystery of finding someone perfect for you.

To begin, you can register in our Matchmaking database for free. Just complete the application below or on our contact us page. Next, as your personal guide through the process, we’ll schedule a confidential consultation and discuss your unique needs and goals.

Now it’s up to us! We’ll work to find you the “one” that’s right for you! It’s that simple!

Why Hire A Matchmaker?

Why Hire A Matchmaker?

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