Dating Coach

One on one date coaching with Kristi Price in person, over the phone, Skype and/or email. Whatever your specific needs are she will develop an individual plan to suit your goals. Have you ever heard the saying “we attract the love we feel we deserve”? It’s true. Use the Dating Coach to discover the process that works for you:

  • define what you need in a partner
  • discuss what you need in a relationship, core values, non-negotiables and how to screen accordingly to not waste time
  • practice confidence building techniques
  • foster a supportive, enthusiastic attitude around dating and meeting new people
  • learn how to meet great people (potential partners) anywhere – not just online!
  • navigate through the online dating communications and help you organize and respond to people from initial contact to the first date!
  • break old behavioral patterns so that you begin to attract compatible partners
  • heal from past relationships to open your heart to new love

Here’s a short video of Kristi talking about physical contact, reading signals, and the important First Kiss.

“Kristi recently accompanied me in New York City on visits to high-end hotel lounges and a well-known steakhouse with the goal of meeting men. Kristi was a great instructor, giving me onsite coaching, pointing out times when I missed signals from interested men and demonstrating conversation starters. She also reminded me of important receptive body language such as keeping shoulders open, making eye contact and smiling. An attractive dress in a flattering color is also a must!

Overall, it was good practice for someone like me who has been single for a long time and with none of the competition that often happens when socializing with girlfriends. Kristi was a great wing woman so-to-speak, identifying men and making sure selected ones focused their attention on me. NYC is a tough dating environment. It can be a very impersonal city as many New Yorkers avoid eye contact.

Kristi helped me realize that men in this town do appreciate being acknowledged with a smile and most do respond. We both had a great time. I aimed to exchange phone numbers with a couple of people that evening and I achieved that goal with Kristi’s help. Thank you Kristi!”

-Sonjii I.